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Tough transportation modes 

Through the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium, companies across multiple sectors, each with a stake in (or need for) tough to decarbonize transportation, convene and link with MIT researchers to amplify and extend their own efforts in this space – both as users of tough to decarbonize transportation or suppliers in the supply chain. The engagement facilitates information flow and value-chain opportunities cross-modes and sectors – with the goal to identify, launch, and execute cross-sector strategies for tough to decarbonize transportation to meet net-zero climate goals during the first half of this century.

MCSC focused efforts on this area include:

  • Identify metrics and underlying sustainability metrics to lead systems analysis including frameworks to analyze tradeoffs across metrics
  • Assess supply chain designs to support progress in sustainability for tough to decarbonize transportation including “reality checks” of proposed pathways, considering factors such as availability of input factors (e.g. biomass for biofuel production), technologies (e.g. propulsion systems), infrastructure (e.g. charging infrastructure), and operations models (e.g. transportation network design).

Latest News

New MCSC Geospatial Tool Supports Strategic Decision-making for Decarbonizing Trucking Fleets

Harnessing Hydrogen’s Potential to Address Long-haul Trucking Emissions

Recent White Paper

Alternative Fuels and Powertrains to Decarbonize Heavy Duty Trucking

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Who’s studying this

Katrin Daehn

Research Scientist

Florian Allroggen

Research Scientist

Danika MacDonell

MCSC Impact Fellow

Member companies participating

Rand-Whitney Containerboard (RWCB), a Kraft Group company
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