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Membership overview

Collaborate with MIT’s renowned research community as well as other companies dedicated to climate and sustainability solutions, participate in events and workshops that help move the needle on climate, and work with MIT students committed to making positive change.

A unique initiative

The MCSC’s people, partnerships, process, portfolio, and impact are what makes us unique.

  • People: leading companies, MIT research ecosystem, MIT students
  • Partnerships: across sectors and disciplines
  • Process: defining problems, developing solutions
  • Portfolio: investing in a portfolio of 20+ research projects
  • Positive impact: moving the needle on climate through pilots, implementation, scaling, and future leaders

Our work

The MCSC is creating new collaboration opportunities that amplify and extend MIT’s current efforts, while empowering the industry to usher in, adapt to, and prosper in a decarbonized economy and world. We strategize: linking stated company goals to value chains, enhance synergy, and find blind spots; implement: define, design, and pilot cross-industry technology, process, and organizational change; and educate: embed sustainability practice throughout workforce and university education.

Our work is focused on a series of Impact Pathways and Cross-Cutting Themes: 

  • Tough transportation modes
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Value chain resilience
  • Circularity
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Data and computing
  • Social dimensions
  • Climate finance

MCSC Seed Awards projects are helping to propel the work in these pathways, as well as other related areas, forward. The 20 projects, awarded $5 million over two years, are led by principal investigators across all five of MIT’s schools, and link the economy-wide work of the consortium to ongoing and emerging climate and sustainability efforts across campus.

Read more about our progress in the MCSC Impact Report, which highlights our work in the focus areas, as well as our interdisciplinary and cross-industry community and priorities as we continue into another productive year.

Current members

One company or sector cannot tackle the climate change crisis by itself. Making progress on a challenge this complex, vast, and urgent requires diverse science-based perspectives on climate, sustainability, and climate justice from across the global economy. Current MCSC member companies represent the heart of global capital and have committed not only to working with MIT but with each other, to confront the climate challenge with the urgency required to realize their goals – and to be part of solving this existential threat for society.

MCSC member companies are from a wide range of industries, from electronics to construction materials to agriculture, as a few examples; a filterable list of industries is available on the current members page. These companies are leaders in climate and sustainability, and have a proven track record of helping move the needle on finding solutions to the climate crisis.

Susan Uthayakumar
"The greatest thing about being part of the MCSC has been the collaboration with other companies, and really thinking about how can we solve the problem together as an ecosystem."

Susan Uthayakumar
Chief Sustainability and Energy Officer, Prologis, Inc.

The people

The MCSC’s people are behind the Consortium’s unique research, collaborations, and progress. We have a strong leadership team that includes Anantha P. Chandrakasan, MIT’s Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer and Dean of the School of Engineering, and a group of experienced Impact Fellows from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, including environmental policy and planning, physics, chemistry, finance, and anthropology. We also work closely with MIT faculty. The MCSC’s Faculty Steering Committee includes representation from all five of MIT’s schools, and we are in constant collaboration with our vast network of affiliated researchers across campus as well as with affiliated organizations on campus.

On the company side, our Industry Advisory Board members, which include chief sustainability officers and chief technology officers, are experienced, innovative, and eager to work together.

MIT student engagement

Engaging with MIT students is central to the MCSC’s mission and efforts, and is interwoven into some of the core conversations and solutions we are tackling, as well as the programming we are hosting.

There are many ways for MIT students to collaborate with us. The MCSC supports undergraduate research through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP); we have now funded over 100 student research projects. Our Climate & Sustainability Scholars Program, launched in 2022, enables MIT undergraduates to have a unique, yearlong, interdisciplinary experience developing and implementing climate and sustainability research.

Membership benefits

Benefits and expectations of MCSC member companies include:

  • Participation in developing climate & sustainability impact pathways and cross-cutting themes, which are dictated by company pain points for achieving climate and sustainability targets
  • Co-create research with MIT faculty and member companies across a portfolio of 20+ climate and sustainability projects to enable rapid piloting and scaling
  • Appointment to MCSC Industry Advisory Board, a group of climate and sustainability leaders from our member companies; the IAB meets regularly to exchange ideas and help guide the direction of the consortium 
  • Participation in MCSC online/in-person outcome workshops, routine opportunities for members to get up-to-speed on latest learnings on specific topics; study groups, chances to convene and align on key hurdles toward progress on specific topics; and symposia and annual meetings, special opportunities to gather live to discuss emerging needs and new directions for the consortium, innovations, and goals for the consortium
  • Direct partnerships with MIT undergraduates conducting climate and sustainability-related research
  • Opportunity to engage with and mentor climate-focused student clubs and groups, in addition to student entrepreneurship efforts on climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Engagement with the robust climate and sustainability ecosystem at MIT, including the newly launched MIT Climate Project; a sampling of our affiliates can be found on our About Us page
  • Professional development opportunities on a wide range of climate and sustainability topics

Next steps

For more information about membership benefits and how your company can be considered, please email We would love to hear from you.

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