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Faculty opportunities

The MCSC is eager to continue partnering with faculty across all of MIT, and there are many ways for faculty to engage with the Consortium in both the near and long term. We are also happy to come provide Consortium updates in faculty meetings, within your courses, or other venues.

MCSC Seed Awards

The MCSC Seed Awards Program is one of several ways that the MCSC seeks principal investigator (PI) engagement to link the work of the consortium to ongoing and emerging climate and sustainability efforts on campus. In 2022, the MCSC awarded 20 projects a total of $5 million over two years. The winning projects are led by principal investigators across all five of MIT’s schools. Learn more about the Program and the winning projects. The MCSC expects to launch addition Seed Awards in another year; please stay tuned for details.

Next steps

Feel free to reach out by e-mailing to find ways we can be helpful for your ongoing efforts in climate and sustainability. Please provide a few sentences about your work, research areas, or ideas for collaboration when you reach out.

Engage with Member Companies

If MIT faculty members have a specific MCSC member company they would like to engage with, we encourage them to contact us so that we can help facilitate meaningful connections. We are happy to discuss collaboration opportunities, and/or ways your work may tie in to key MCSC themes, if that is of interest. Share your ideas with us via e-mail; remember to please provide a few sentences about your work, research areas, or ideas.

Engage with Current MCSC Topics

There will be ongoing areas of focus within the Consortium’s work based on areas of interest among our members. The MCSC hosted a series of workshops that brought together member companies and MIT researchers and faculty to explore specific topics as a group and, through the sharing of diverse perspectives from various industries, start to identify important new themes, areas for collaborations, and critical next steps. From these conversations emerged several outcomes, tied to the following areas of engagement:

  • Equity-Centered Strategies for Materials Circularity in Organic and Inorganic Materials
  • Community Engaged Nature-Based Solutions to Carbon Removal
  • Engineered Solutions and Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Carbon Capture
  • Sustainable Supply Chains & Decarbonizing Transportation

Our topics for include: furthering local community engagement, climate and computing, and bio-based materials. If you are interested in getting involved with a project surrounding these areas, please get in touch through email:

MCSC Database

The MCSC is working with partners across campus to develop a database for MIT researchers, and we would like to include any interested faculty in the database. We will be reaching out to the community for the most up-to-date information about you and your work, and feel free to also reach out to tell us how you would like to be represented. The database will ultimately be a way to draw connections and for the MCSC to get in touch with the correct people when future opportunities for engagement arise.

Engage with Undergraduates

The MCSC is interested in funding a wide variety of UROPs related to climate and sustainability. We also are launching a Climate Scholars program that links advanced UROPs to a class to support their research, similar to the SuperUROP program. Please consider sharing your research projects and needs with us, so we can work together to pair you with students, who are often interested in a specific company and bring those direct links to the project. E-mail us with your ideas:

Mentorship Opportunities (MCSC Impact Fellows Program)

Postdoctoral fellows who are in the MCSC’s Impact Fellows program are helping to drive the work of the Consortium and are also interested in and enthusiastic about the overall enterprise of the Institute. We would love to engage MIT faculty in the mentoring of these impressive Fellows. Please get in touch if this sounds interesting and helpful to you.

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