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Harnessing hydrogen’s potential to address long-haul trucking emissions

September 11, 2023

The transportation of goods forms the basis of today’s globally distributed supply chains, and long-haul trucking is a central and critical link in this complex system. To meet climate goals around the world, it is necessary to develop decarbonized solutions to replace diesel powertrains, but given trucking’s indispensable and vast role, these solutions must be both economically viable and practical to implement. While hydrogen-based options, as an alternative to diesel, have the potential to become a promising decarbonization strategy, hydrogen has significant limitations when it comes to delivery and refueling.

With support from the MCSC, MIT researchers led by Professor William Green are harnessing hydrogen’s potential to address long-haul trucking emissions. In a recent paper published in Energy & Fuels, Professor Green and his team, including graduate students Sayandeep Biswas and Kariana Moreno Sader, explore a cost-effective way to transport and store hydrogen using liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs).

Read more in this MIT News article.

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