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Rand-Whitney Containerboard (RWCB), a Kraft Group company

Rand-Whitney Containerboard (RWCB), a Kraft Group company, is a manufacturer of lightweight, high performance recycled linerboard for corrugated containers. Since 1995, RWCB has manufactured linerboard using the most environmentally sustainable methods. RWCB containerboard is produced from 100 percent OCC (old, corrugated containers), diverting nearly 1,000 tons of solid waste per day from landfill or burn facilities. Additionally, RCWB uses treated effluent from the municipal wastewater treatment plant as its process water, reusing over 500,000 gallons per day. RWCB’s operation generates its own power with a high-efficiency natural gas turbine in a combined cycle or co-gen plant using waste heat from the exhaust to create steam and other heat syncs for its manufacturing process, which lowers emissions. Transportation routes on customer deliveries are carefully planned and integrated to maximize the use of backhauls for inbound OCC to optimize freight costs and minimize the carbon footprint. RWCB’s focus on sustainable operations is one example of the Kraft Group’s overall leadership in environmentally sound operational practices, minimizing its environmental impact through technology and innovation.


Environmentally Sustainable Production | Manufacturing | Recycled Linerboard

MCSC Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Members

Lina Azuero

Chief Sustainability Officer, RWCB, a Kraft Group Company

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