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Florian Allroggen

Research Scientist

Dr. Allroggen is a Research Scientist at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and the Executive Officer for the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment. He is originally from Germany, where he received a B.S. and Doctor in (Transport) Economics (PhD equiv.) from Münster University. Before joining LAE in his current role, he worked as an LAE Postdoc and as a consultant in the German office of McKinsey&Company. In his free time, Dr. Allroggen enjoys sailing, running, reading, traveling, and art.

In his research, Dr. Allroggen is analyzing the societal costs and benefits of aviation. In particular, he has been working on models (i) to measure the connectivity generated by international aviation networks, (ii) to empirically identify the economic benefits of aviation, and (iii) to combine cost and benefit estimates. Furthermore, he is interested in economic research of transportation markets. This includes analysis of, for example, airports, airlines, and passenger demand.

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