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Danika MacDonell

MCSC Impact Fellow

Danika MacDonell

Danika MacDonell holds a PhD in Experimental High-Energy Physics from the University of Victoria. During her doctoral studies, she co-led a novel search for dark matter using data from the international ATLAS experiment located at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. She also worked to advance computationally reproducible research at the LHC, serving for two years as the Analysis Preservation Contact Person for the ATLAS collaboration. 

Danika is proud of her work in sharing computational tools and methods with fellow researchers. She has organized and instructed in numerous hands-on training events around the world to introduce colleagues to computational tools involved in performing rigorous and reproducible quantitative research. 

Drawing on a robust background in computational analysis involving physical systems, Danika’s major goal as an Impact Fellow is to apply system-level analysis to help identify and develop decarbonization pathways in the areas of heavy-duty trucking, shipping and aviation. These tough-to-decarbonize transportation modes are critical drivers of the global economy, but actionable solutions are urgently needed to prevent them from dominating global greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades. 

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