David Hsu

Associate Professor, Urban and Environmental Planning
MIT School of Architecture and Planning

David Hsu is an Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

David’s research and teaching focus on how to demonstrate new opportunities for planners and policymakers to shape the relationship of cities as a key scale of government jurisdiction to the environment and infrastructure, using policy and data analysis. Much of his work seeks to assist a wide range of actors – local policymakers, planners, advocates, as well as academics – directly with design, planning, policymaking, and policy implementation. Previous projects (and funders) include the effectiveness of benchmarking and disclosure as information policies to reduce the energy consumption of buildings (U.S. Department of Energy); implementation of green and smart infrastructure for stormwater management (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. National Science Foundation); and adoption of solar microgrids, lighting, and control technologies in India, Brazil, and Kenya (MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design, Fulbright NEXUS program).

David’s interest in these areas dates back to his college days, when A Scientist in the City by James Trefil opened his eyes to ideas about how science and engineering could shape cities and the built environment.

He is excited about the focus of the MCSC on pre-research and collaboration to help set a research and action agenda for between the companies themselves, and between them and those in academia.

“The founding companies in the MCSC are leaders in their sectors and can have a huge positive impact on climate and sustainability,” David said.