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Poushali Maji

MCSC Impact Fellow

Poushali Maji, who received a PhD in Resource Management & Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia, is focused on using systems analysis techniques to evaluate the cross-sectoral sustainability impacts of strategies and policy interventions. She examines the benefits (as well as trade-offs) of circularity and sustainability pathways for climate, resource extraction, economics, pollution, equity and development. Having worked in key sectors that are crucial to climate impact, such as electricity and land use, Poushali is now expanding her expertise to other areas such as waste and circularity.

Poushali aims to identify actionable areas for increasing circularity and sustainability, taking into account the feasibility of implementation of strategies and their distributional impacts. Her work focuses on evaluating strategies aimed at reducing resource extraction and in addition to specifying their measurable climate and sustainability impacts, she works on characterizing place-based community-level impacts of different resource recovery strategies. Her work on analyzing science-policy interfaces, as well as activities involving sustainability at a grassroots level and collaboration with policymakers, highlights her interest in the implementation of solutions to sustainability challenges and their equity implications.

In her research, Poushali uses data and models to understand the extent of sustainability challenges and their inter-linkages, and assess strategy and policy options in terms of their cross-sectoral impacts so that resources can be more effectively directed to prepare for an uncertain future.

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