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Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas

MCSC Impact Fellow

Dr. Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas’ foremost aim is to capitalize on computation and advanced manufacturing to deploy materials that accelerate environmental, social, technological, and economic sustainability across the globe.

Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas earned her Ph.D. in applied machine learning, simulation, and data science from MIT Design and Computation, advised by Dr. Takehiko Nagakura and Dr. Svafa Gronfeldt. During her Ph.D. program, she held a leadership role in the Machu Picchu Design Heritage and focused her research on simulating pedestrians with AI, along with personal research in material science and manufacturing.

She has solid technical expertise and extensive entrepreneurial activities working alongside experts, governments, and companies. She co-founded Atacama Biomaterials (AT), an MIT spinout that develops sustainable material systems powered by robotics and AI. Atacama invented groundbreaking renewable polymers to implement as packaging across sectors. The team recently won several pitch competitions at MIT and Harvard and is currently scaling up.

Building upon her expertise in AI simulation, Paloma is working on predictive modeling of renewable polymers at the MCSC. The project is defined as Computational Pathways for Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Polymers, advised by MIT Chemical Engineering Professor Dr. Gregory Rutledge and in collaboration with member experts

“An advantage of being a Latin woman is that I understand scarcity. In my research and entrepreneurship I have prioritized scalable climate tech that is simple, effective, and affordable to have a verifiable impact in the short term”. “The MSCS Impact Fellowship is a place for me to thrive.”

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