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Jungwoo Chun

MCSC Impact Fellow

Jungwoo Chun, a graduate of the doctoral program at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP), holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy and Planning. His dissertation involved investigating clusters of intermediaries that support community ownership of solar energy projects in the United States. He has extensive research, teaching, and professional experience related to various aspects of climate change and sustainability with a particular focus on climate justice and resilience.

At MIT DUSP, he has led and supervised a group of UROPs conducting exploratory research on the sources of opposition to utility-scale renewable energy projects and made several presentations to the wider MIT audience in Cambridge, MA on the findings, notably at the MIT Energy Night 2021 and the MIT Energy and Climate Hack Research Symposium 2021. He has previously directed the MIT Cybersecurity Clinic and led the client recruitment process and oversaw student team engagement with the client communities seeking to combat the growing cybersecurity threats they face. The Clinic (11.074/11.274) has been so successful that now there is a Consortium of University-based Cybersecurity Clinics modeled on the MIT Clinic. He was a graduate instructor for a number of courses in DUSP including 11.601 Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning, 11.255 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector, and was a co-instructor of 11.382 Water Diplomacy: The Science, Policy, and Politics of Managing Shared Resources.

As an Impact Fellow at the Consortium, Jungwoo hopes to integrate the interests of the industry, local communities, governments, and scientists and formulate strategies for joint fact-finding and joint problem-solving. One of his goals is to further develop and apply the Equitable Resilience Framework (ERF) in the context of climate resilience while ensuring that the proposed solutions are fair, equitable, and contribute to long-term structural change.

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