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Jessica Levin, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Jessica Levin, PhD

How is your job related to climate and/or sustainability?

I design materials to decrease our impact on the planet. I am an R&D scientist who works on developing new materials for the construction market. It’s exciting to be able to incorporate sustainability into my every day work, my projects targeting safer and more durable construction materials, and enabling circular economy in roads. In addition, I help our R&D team incorporate lifecycle thinking into the design of their projects, fostering the development of sustainable materials from the ground up. To reach beyond my team, I am also co-chair of Dow’s Sustainability R&D Network to advance sustainable principles in R&D across Dow.

What training (in higher education or at a company or organization) was particularly important to enabling your work?

In graduate school, I took a Green Chemistry course to learn how to identify a greener approach in my work. The remainder has been self-taught, or gained through on-the-job experience.

What advice do you have for people looking for careers in climate and/or sustainability?

It’s an exciting field. Look out for places that emphasize or ingrain sustainability into their culture. If it’s a value, then there is a lot you can do to advance your initiatives and make an impact.

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