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Aneil Tripathy

MCSC Impact Fellow

Aneil Tripathy is an economic and climate anthropologist who has both analyzed and worked in climate finance since 2014. He holds a PhD in anthropology from Brandeis University. Aneil uses ethnographic research methods to understand and explore responses to climate change in financial markets.

As an Impact Fellow, Aneil manages conversations and research around climate finance at the MCSC. He is also a member of the MIT Sloan Aggregate Confusion research project under MCSC Faculty Steering Committee member Professor Roberto Rigobon.

Aneil was most recently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bologna on the European Research Council funded Impact Hau project. Aneil is a core member of the Energy and Climate Finance Network (ECFN) in the University of St Andrew's Centre for Energy Ethics and has been a visiting researcher at Bayes Business School, Lancaster University, and was an associate of University College London’s Centre for An Anthropology of Sustainability (CAOS). Aneil has six peer-reviewed publications in Economic AnthropologyJournal of Environmental Investing, and Focaal. He has written for a range of public blogs, co founded a top anthropology podcast and has produced podcast series for several outlets. Aneil's latest series on climate anthropology was for the Society for Economic Anthropology's Mergers & Acquisitions podcast. At the Climate Bonds Initiative, Aneil has been a policy researcher, executive associate, and an academic research consultant, working to shift debt capital markets towards climate change solutions.

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