MIT Climate & Sustainability Consortium

New MCSC Impact Fellowship Program Provides Opportunity to Achieve Real-World Impact in Sustainability

The MIT Climate & Sustainability Consortium (MCSC) is pleased to announce the launch of its Impact Fellowship Program, a postdoctoral opportunity for individuals who want to have a real-world impact on global climate and sustainability issues – and transcend academia and industry to apply their expertise to near-term change for a more sustainable future. The newly launched program will allow Fellows to work with MIT faculty and consortium industry members, in collaboration with external organizations and communities, to shape and implement solutions needed for global economic transformation to address the global climate change and sustainability crisis.

“The MCSC Impact Fellows will play an important role in the consortium’s ongoing work to engage leading industry on key climate and sustainability challenges, and will have the opportunity to contribute to the meaningful collaborations and partnerships we are already seeing take shape,” said Jeffrey Grossman, MCSC Director; Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering; and Morton and Claire Goulder and Family Professor in Environmental Systems. “We have a very exciting semester and year ahead, and we are looking forward to working with our inaugural cohort of Impact Fellows to advance the work of the consortium, as well as to develop their own individual interdisciplinary skills and connections.”

The MCSC works to leverage diverse perspectives on climate, sustainability, and climate justice from across the global economy to create new collaboration opportunities that amplify and extend MIT’s current efforts, while empowering industry to usher in, adapt to, and prosper in a decarbonized economy and world. Impact Fellows will support this mission and work in the context of bridging academic and industry disciplines, and establishing meaningful partnership. The nominally two-year program is seeking creative, motivated, and high performing researchers – from a wide range of backgrounds – with interests in interdisciplinary training and broad skill development, with a focus and aim on accelerating the necessary global transition in the face of the climate crisis.

Applications are now open through Friday, May 28, 2021, although exemplary applications may be considered after this deadline. Please learn more about the MCSC Impact Fellowship Program here.

The Boston Globe: President Reif Urges Two-Track Strategy to Achieve Global Climate Goals in 30 Years

In a Boston Globe op-ed, MIT’s president argues that the US must invest in new breakthroughs while also deploying all available tools today.

Ambitious goals are often called moonshots, but the challenge of addressing climate change will be even more monumental. This “Earthshot,” as MIT President L. Rafael Reif calls it in an op-ed published in The Boston Globe, is an enormously complex problem with no single right answer, no clear finish line, multiple stakeholders with conflicting priorities, and no central authority empowered to solve it. 

In the piece, President Reif highlights the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC) as one way the Institute is working to create an innovation marketplace based on collaboration, not competition, to reach climate goals. Read the full story in MIT News.