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Johanna Jobin

Global Head, Corporate Reputation & Responsibility
Executive Director of the Biogen Foundation

Johanna Jobin

As Global Head of Biogen’s Corporate Reputation and Responsibility strategy, Johanna works to enhance Biogen’s reputation as a neuroscience leader, including corporate branding, crisis and issues management and corporate responsibility across various environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

Leading Biogen’s Corporate Responsibility strategy, Johanna develops and implements programs across environmental, social and governance dimensions to fulfill Biogen’s mission as a responsible and purpose-driven company. Johanna maintains and strengthens Biogen’s leadership reputation– from developing strategies to enhance, build and protect Biogen’s brand and narrative to driving compelling communications and transparent reporting with key stakeholders.

She also serves as the Executive Director of the Biogen Foundation and leads Biogen’s global community engagement strategy with a strong focus on providing equitable access to inclusive science education through its long-standing Community Lab program. Twitter: @JohannaJobin

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