The committee will begin reviewing candidates on Friday, May 28, 2021, although exemplary applications may be considered after this deadline.
Please Include: Graduate School Name, Year of Graduation, Degree Earned
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The Impact Fellowship Statement Must Address the Following: (1) Service and Leadership – Describe your service and leadership experience, especially as related to sustainability. Help us understand your broader CV in context. (2) Career Vision – Why are you interested in this fellowship rather than other options? Please tell us what you want to achieve in your career and the potential paths you will take. What impact would you like to have in your work at MIT and beyond to change or influence behavior, practice, procedures, or policy at significant scale to help implement solutions to climate change and sustainability globally. (3) Fellowship Activities - What do you want to do at MIT? Here should include your areas of interest and provide ideas and other experiences you would like to have at MIT that prepare you for a career impacting climate change. This can include specifying faculty you would have interest in working with, but will not be a detailed research statement as that is not the intention of this program. Your statement should show a clear thought on how you want your work effecting real-world impact, such as potential paths to scaling up results, securing funding, or through adoption and implementation. Successful activities will advance sustainability locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. The statement should include career objectives and the context and significance of the proposed path.
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