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Membership benefits

Collaborate with MIT’s renowned research community as well as other companies dedicated to climate and sustainability solutions, participate in events and workshops that help move the needle, work with MIT students committed to making positive change.

The details

Benefits and expectations of MCSC member companies include:

  • Participation in developing climate & sustainability impact pathways
  • Appointment to MCSC Industry Advisory Board
  • Exposure to MIT leaders in climate and sustainability research
  • Participation in MCSC online/in-person seminars and workshops
  • Direct partnerships with MIT undergraduates conducting climate and sustainability-related research
  • Opportunity to engage with and mentor climate-focused student clubs and groups, in addition to student entrepreneurship efforts on climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Option to expand relationship into larger and focused efforts, including separate research agreements

Next steps

For more information about membership benefits and how your company can be considered, please email We would love to hear from you.

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